Ayurvedic Body Therapy Training

Rima Shah & Jackie hill of Diva Ayurveda have created a comprehensive training program encompassing their experience practicing & providing Panchakarma for the past 11 plus years. Their extensive studies in India as well as many years of teaching students these therapies at their wellness center make them experts in this area. They created and taught the Body Therapy Program at Bhavana Institute and are the creators and current teachers at the Aveda Institute of Beauty & Wellness School’s Ayurveda Esthetic Program.

Conveniently located in Milwaukee’s River West neighborhood, these trainings are taught by both Rima & Jackie to small groups of students to provide a one on one experience with a hands on approach. By providing this intimate class setting, Diva Ayurveda is able to create individualized instruction to fit the needs of each student and give all the tools necessary to successfully provide these therapies to their clients.


These trainings are being offered to massage therapists, wellness practitioners and Ayurveda students that would like to expand their practice to offer these amazing healing therapies.  We also offer full Panchakarma training as well as Advanced Panchakarma Training after the completion of all four levels of Ayurvedic Body Therapies.




Level 1:  Abhyanga, Swedhana & Shirodhara

Learn the foundation of this ancient practice.  This class teaches you the techniques to confidently perform a full body oil treatment using specific oils. You will learn various ways to apply herbalized steam to the body for detoxification. You will learn how to set up and complete Shirodhara, the ancient practice of pouring herbalized oil over the third eye.


3 days of training ~ Cost $650.




Level 2:  5 Sense Therapy

Know as 5 sense therapy this class teaches you how to cleanse and nourish the five senses.  You will learn Nasya, nasal cleansing, gandusa, herbal gargle, Netra Tarpana, eye treatment, Karana Purana, ear treatment. You will learn techniques of oil application, steam and the use of oils and ghee for cleansing the senses.


3 days of training ~ $650.



Level 3:  Pinda Swedhana, Udvartna & Garshana

Learn the deeper therapies to improve circulation, exfoliate & provide luster to the skin and  further eliminate toxins from the body. This class teaches the essential Ayurvedic and Western herbs used to prepare these treatments.  You will learn how to prepare and wrap the herbal bolus to perform Pinda Swedhana, how to use different herbs and oils and why, to make a customized Udvartna mixture and the technique used with raw silk gloves to perform Garshana.


3 days or training ~ $650.



Level 4:  Localized Bastis, Lepas & Marma Facial

Learn the specific oils, techniques & reasons used to apply localized dough dams or bastis to specific areas of the body. Using different herbs, clays, oils & other medicinal substances you will create an herbal pastes for Lepana to be used on different parts of the body. You will also learn the subtle energy work of marma therapy that will be used for a facial that is relaxing & rejuvenating.


2 days of Training ~ $425.


All Classes are held at our Wellness Center located in the River West Healing Arts Center at 713 E. Locust St. Milwaukee, WI 53212.  Classes are held from 9-5 pm. With an hour set aside for lunch. Each 3 day training is a total of 21 hours of training; the 2 day class is a total of 14 hours of training.

A minimum of 2 students is needed for the class to run. We have interested students & will work with you to fill a class.

A deposit of $200 is required at the time of registration.

For information on the Panchakarma & Advance Panchakarma Training please contact us directly.


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