Nasya is a treatment for sinus and nasal rejuvenation so that our upper respiratory channels  that connect the breathe from the lungs through the nose and up to the brain are strong and nourished and have the ability to remove deep toxins from the channels efficiently.  Our world has a massive amount of air pollution from car emissions, to lack of trees, to air-born molds, and to anything that flies through the air: dust, pollen, grasses, etc.  Each year, more and more persons are allergic to these things floating in the air and many people get deep and painful sinus infections, improper breathing, heavy heads.  Allergy season can debilitate many people so much that normal daily functioning is impossible.

The reason that nasya is so effective is that the nose is a direct gateway to the brain and to consciousness.  Nasya is a very effective individual treatment and is also part of the process of Panchakarma and the reason being is by treatment the nasal channels, one can eliminate sinus infections, poor breathing, post nasal drip, headaches and other physical ailments.  But this treatment can also help treat mental conditions such as lethargy, depression, anxiety, worry, and anger.  Nasya clears the emotional and physical channels of the upper respiratory area which includes the head, nose, brain, eyes, and ears.

The process:
After a head, neck and face oil application, steam is applied to the sinus area to “ripen” the site for receiving treatment. Then warm, herbal oil is applied through each nostril while the head is supported in position to absorb the treatment.  This treatment is about 35 minutes long and can be paired with Netra Tarpana, Karana Purana, and even Abhyanga.