Ayurveda, in Sanskrit, means the science of life or the art of longevity and vitality.  It is one of the oldest and most comprehensive systems of wellness because of its synergistic relationship with nature, the seasons, and the cosmic elements that exist in all living beings.  Ayurveda emerged in India over 5000 years ago and is considered the mother of all healing, even influencing Tibetan and Chinese medicinal systems.

Ayurveda focuses on establishing and maintaining balance of the life energies within us, rather than focusing on individual symptoms as a way to treat the body.  Ayurveda maintains the belief that when a person can maintain a healthy balance between the elemental forces, and digest nutrients and eliminate toxins efficiently, then dis-ease will not occur.  Ayurveda is based on maintaining healthy organs, preventing disease,  rejuvenating the body on a regular basis so as to support the production of healthy cells and tissues, and allowing the body to not overload with untreated toxic buildup that is known as AMA.  AMA is undigested food mass that does not get properly absorbed or eliminated, starts to build up and spread in the body, and eventually manifest as symptoms.  These symptoms left untreated, start to become chronic or acute, and can become harder to treat as time goes by.  So, the basis of Ayurveda is to cleanse regularly so as to keep the body functioning optimally, and that also strengthens the immune system too.

Also, Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga and these two systems work together to create the alliance between the mind and body and offers tools to nurture the subtler aspects of our humanity and inner spirit.  Ayurveda promotes a calmer mind through the use of therapies, aromatherapy, herbal support, nutritional support, and offers a wholistic system of detoxing and transitioning through the seasons to aid in digesting emotional toxins and eliminating unhealthy patterns of behavior, and through this, self-realization of one’s true self can come forth. This leads to a more relaxed and balanced nervous system.  Therefore,  one can create barriers to stress and realize how to treat such common emotional and personality symptoms like nervousness, anxiety, worry, irritation, anger, lethargy, depression, and fatigue, naturally and through the use of daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal routines.