Individual Therapies

Abhyanga:  Full body warm oil therapy.  Feel the warm oil and scents calm your mind and body.

60 minutes — $70

Shirodhara:  Warm herbalized oil poured in ancient streams across forehead and third eye to allow a deep, para-sympathetic state of healing.  A must try treatment for deep relaxation and toning the pituitary gland.

45 minutes —$70

Swedhana:  The power of herbalized steam has been revered for thousands of years, this treatment is popular added to other treatments to aid in detoxing the body and exfoliating the skin.

20-30 minutes —- $35

Nasya Therapy:  a treatment to tone and detox the sense organs.  A full treatment to purify the nasal passages and upper respiratory organs.

35 minutes — $65

Netra Tarpana:  Our eyes are overworked senses.  We use computers, cellphones, and dust, pollution, pollen, and airborn mold strain the eyes.  This is a soothing and relaxing eye bathing that tones and strengthens the eyes.

25 minutes, short eye treatment:  $45

40 minutes, long eye treatment:  $60

Udvarthana:  herbalized full body scrub.

60 minutes:  $70

Pinda Swedhana:  warm, herbalized boluses made of rice and herbs, coconut milk, saffron and sandalwood are massaged all over the body.  A treatment to cool down the body, liver, skin, and any inflammatory conditions of the body.

60 minutes: $125.00

Marma Therapy:  We use herbalized dermal creams and essential oils along with organic oils to support the pranic life force of the body.  These subtle energy spots are places where deep healing can occur.

60 minutes:  $70

Lepanas:  localized herbal pastes

20-30 minutes —- $35

Bastis:  localized dough dams placed on certain areas such as the heart, adrenals, thyroid, knees, and entire spine.

Heart Chakra Basti:  $35

Adrenal Basti:  $50

Thyroid Basti:  $35

Liver Basti:  $35

Kati Basti (lower back):  $45