Rima Shah’s first Ayurvedic teachers were her grandparents who taught her many Ayurvedic home remedies and spiritual practices.  She has been studying herbs and medicinal plants for 25 years, completing both Western and Ayurvedic herbal studies.  She was part of the core faculty of Kanyakumari, Ayurvedic school in Milwaukee, WI. She founded and created the Apothecary at Kanyakumari and created some of her signature products.  She also took numerous trips to India to enhance her knowledge through advance studies in Ayurvedic herbalism, Panchakarma, and women’s health.  Rima has also maintained an individual Ayurveda practice in the heart of Riverwest for 6 years and in 2008, joined partnership with Jackie Hill to create Diva Ayurveda. Rima has also counseled women through birth, prenatal and postpartum care using her knowledge in midwifery and doula work, folk medicine and ancient Ayurvedic care for the childbearing woman. She has taught at Kanyakumari, the Bhavana Institute for Ayurveda and Yoga, and currently teaches a federally financially funded Ayurveda program at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness.  Rima is also 200 hr. RYT certified, and 400 hr. trained Meditation Teacher.

Jackie Hill has been committed to natural, healthy living for over 25 years. She has a profound knowledge of native plants and trees and was one of the first people in the Milwaukee area to learn the ancient techniques of panchakarma. She has been learning and evolving her panchakarma practice for over 9 years. Jackie was part of the core faculty of Kanyakumari where she graduated as a practitioner and helped form the center as a place for therapeutic body work.  She has taken her skills to form her own place and created a beautiful space in the Riverwest Healing Arts Center. She also has co-created a panchakarma training program with Rima to teach students about this ancient practice.  Jackie Hill also teaches Panchakarma and Aromatherapy at the Bhavana Institute in Illinois.  Jackie has also received advanced training in India.

Rima and Jackie have always been committed to creating a grassroots Ayurveda and Panchakarma Center, believing that this ancient wisdom of medicine is valuable to all persons and communities because of its whole and comprehensive nature.  Diva Ayurveda emerged from this commitment to make Ayurveda accessible and provide knowledge to the community on how to incorporate Ayurveda in their lives to achieve better health.