Netra Tarpana

Netra Basti therapy was designed by the ancients to restore relaxation and focus to the eyes. Many also experience a sense of peace and expansion to the spirit during and after the therapy. First, the eyes are bathed to remove make-up or other impurities, preparing them for treatment. Dough dams are secured around the eyes, then warm, medicated ghee is slowly poured into the dams to flood the eye area, lubricating the eyes and encouraging a deep releasing of the muscles in and around the “windows of the soul.” Diva Ayurveda also uses traditional eye cups that are placed over the eyes and contain the clear liquid of the ghee which is called the golden vision in the Charaka Samhita.

Our culture is eye-dominant. We have become a screen society…whether it is the computer, the cellphone, or the television. Many people even read books on the computer these days and this change of society has bombarded our eyes with way too much stimulation and EMF’s. The eyes are over strained and never get a chance to not be working and even in sleep, the eyes move around more than before because these sense organs have forgotten how to shut down and relax. Netra tarpana is beneficial for keeping the eyes strong, to reduce diseases of the eyes and to make all other senses work better.

Some popular treatment combinations:

Nasya, Netra Tarpana, and Karana Purana: 1 1/2 hours. 5 Sense Therapy. $120

Nasya, Abhyanga, and Udvarthana. 2 hours. Nasya is followed by a oil treatment and then the entire body is scrubed using an herbal paste and the client is wrapped up to absorb the beneficial properties of the oils and herbs for about 15 minutes. Then client takes a warm shower to end the treatment feeling refreshed. This is a good detox, lymph, and weight reduction treatment. $160