Diva Ayurveda Skin Class Series: A 6 week course to Radiant Beauty

This course series is designed to enable each of us to use the life-force of flowers, plants, sun, and water to create the most healthy lifestyle for ourselves.  As many of us are aware of the toxic chemicals used in food, we sometimes forget that the beauty care industry falls under the same curse.  Products that we use on our face, hair, teeth, and body are filled with toxins and unnatural substances.  This course will teach you the best and most natural ways of maintaining your inner and outer beauty.



Module 1:  Learning the best all natural skin care products to use externally and internally to maintain vibrant, radiant skin.  This class will address common problems like acne, wrinkles and aging, sagging skin, dryness, and skin conditions like rosacea and eczema and the best botanical products to use for each of these conditions.  This class will empower you to create your own beauty care system that is most uniquely created for you.


Module 2:  Clean up Your Toxic Bathroom.  Learn how to decipher toxic ingredients that are hard to distinguish with tricky labeling.  Just as in the food industry, many companies are not forced to disclose GMO and toxic ingredients, the same applies in the beauty industry.  This class with help you clean and simplify your bathroom, learn about healing the skin on deeper levels, and learn the best way to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin no matter what your skin “type” may be.


Module 3:  Lymph and Cellulite Health and Smelling Sweet: Armpits and Natural Perfumery.  The lymph system is right under the surface of the skin and is vital in achieving radiant beauty.  Learn the best ways to keep the lymph fluids clean and also learn about cellulite and how ridding it can aid to better general health.  Also learn about the plethora of toxins in deodorants and learn how to protect your armpits and smell sweeter than ever before.


Module 4:  The Sun and your Skin, and Maintaining Healthy Hair.  There is a lot of confusing information on the sun and if it is harmful or beneficial for the skin.  This class will eliminate much of the confusion and address issues of vitamin D, hormones, the sun and skin cancer,  sunscreens and sunblocks, and the best steps to wisely interact with the sun.  The class will also address hair problems like dry, thinning hair, hair loss, and dry, itchy scalp and teach you the best ways to maintain a healthy mane.

Module 5:  Successful Self Dentistry.  The mouth has a direct effect on overall health and beauty.  This class will discuss the best products for optimal oral care and the tools you will need to achieve this.  You will learn an invaluable step by step process to restore, repair, and maintain the best oral health.  Don’t let years of neglected oral care or fear from dental trauma stop you from learning how to turn it all around and find success in oral care.

Module 6:  Breast Health and Women’s Health.  This class will address common issues such as stretch marks, fibroids, tender swollen breasts, breast disease, and teach you the best ways for beautiful breast care.  You will also learn the best ways for natural feminine hygiene and simple self care techniques to aid in overall women’s health.

This course series is designed in such a way that you can choose to take individual modules or sign up and participate in the whole series.  Each class is $65 or the the entire series is $330.00.  Classes will be held at 3704 N. Murray Ave.  Shorewood, WI 53211.  Call or email Rima Shah 414-801-1576 rima.s.shah@gmail.com 


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