Ayurveda for the Childbearing Years

This one day class focuses on the prenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum periods in a woman’s life.  We will weave a relationship between folk medicines from the West and Ayurvedic ancient therapies and remedies from the East.  The class will be split into 4 sections:  Menarche, Pregnancy and Childbearing Years, Prenatal Care, and Postpartum Rejuvenation.  The class is open to students of Ayurveda, and anyone interested in childbirth and women’s health.  The class will be held at the Bhavana Institute located in LaGrange, IL.  Call or sign up today.  CD’s of the class are also available for purchase.

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  1. Nice, job, very informative. Would love the cds for this class let me know the cost!!! I pay for it when I see you guys next week! ? why does ILL. get the good classes? Luv ya!

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