Wintertime Specials

Wintertime is the time of year when we tend to slow down.  The bear spirit is strong during this time.  The cold, dark days mark the time to sleep more, store reserves, slow down, and emotionally, people tend to go inward, into a lot of self-reflection.  Hibernation.  It is hard for us as a culture to SLOW DOWN.  Our culture is built on hectic schedules and our bodies start to form patterns built from stress.  Wintertime also can be a time when people exercise less, eat more, and feel lethargic.  Also, lack of vitamin D from sunshine affects our vital life force.  Living in heated homes, whether central forced air or radiant heat, has a big effect on drying the skin and organs of your body.  Diva Ayurveda is a grassroots Ayurvedic Center and our goal is to make this ancient science accessible to everyone.  The treatments are based on the concept of revitalizing the body and mind.  Come and experience how the way you think and feel can change by coming in for just one treatment.  Listed below are our Wintertime treatments:

The benefits of individual treatments are many.  Here is a list of some:

  • improved circulation
  • revitalizes the skin
  • aids in sleep
  • stimulates organs to function better
  • Strengthens the immune system

Each season, the body needs to detox yet be nourished.  Try one of our treatments and experience how the quality of your health improves!

1.)  ABHYANGA, a 4-handed full body massage is only $50 through Valentine’s Day.  Book now to receive this great discount.  Or give a gift certificate for Valentine’s Day.  A savings of $15.

2.)  5 SENSE THERAPY, this 2 hour treatment nourishes the senses.  A head, neck, shoulder massage, facial steam, followed by cleansing the senses, and finishing with a full body warm oil massage. $130.

Savings of $35.

3.)  Have little time?  Come in for a modified 5 sense therapy.  Head, neck, shoulder massage, facial steam, and 5 sense cleansing.  $80.  Savings of $20.

4.)  ABHYANGA AND UDVARTHANA, this revitalizing combination is great for weight loss and control and to break up the stubborn areas that form in our bodies.  Also a great treatment for the wintertime skin, you will leave feeling soft and glowing.  $108.  A $22 savings.

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