Upcoming Class: Level 5 Bastis and Lepas

April 29, 2012 Level 5 Basti Class

9 a.m.-12 p.m.




This is an optional Level 5 Class to teach you how to effectively use and incorporate bastis (dough dams) and lepas (herbalized pastes) on key areas of the body such as the heart, liver, lower back, adrenals, and eyes.  You will learn several different types of bastis and lepas and learn specific oils, herbs, and transdermals to use.  These additional treatments are very effective to nourish tissues or detoxify tissues, aiding the body to heal faster and longer.  Please notify Rima or Jackie if you wish to attend this class at Bhavana.  Deadline to register is April 22, 2012.  Cost is $225.00


If students would like to stay longer for a free talk on the Theoretics of Panchakarma, please let us know that also and we can plan that after class.


This will be the last Level offered until September 2012.  We will release upcoming dates for 2012/2013 in Summer.  Happy Spring!



Rima Shah and Jackie Hill, Diva Ayurveda

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