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Upcoming Class: Level 5 Bastis and Lepas

April 29, 2012 Level 5 Basti Class

9 a.m.-12 p.m.




This is an optional Level 5 Class to teach you how to effectively use and incorporate bastis (dough dams) and lepas (herbalized pastes) on key areas of the body such as the heart, liver, lower back, adrenals, and eyes.  You will learn several different types of bastis […]

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Vata Season: Balance Within

Vata Season in this part of the country occurs from about Oct/Nov to February.  The qualities of this Fall/Winter season are cold, damp, dry, mobile, and dark.  Our bodies starts using its nutritional reserves from the summertime, and we go into a sort of hiberation, Bear Energy.  We need to sleep more, eat more grounding […]

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The Harmonizing Effect of Ayurveda during Transitions of the Seasons: Look ahead to balancing yourself from Winter to Spring

Our treatment space at the Riverwest Healing Arts Center

The weather has changed very quickly from cold drier days to warmer and wetter weather.  Most of us felt these changes in one way or another, whether by experiencing Spring allergies, itchy eyes, lethargy, disturbed sleep, or changes in digestion and mood, or heightened emotional symptoms such […]

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Dinacharya: Ayurvedic Daily Routines

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old science in which it’s foundation is based on balancing the body through regular detoxification and regular rejuvenation of the body.  Ayurveda holds importance in the fact that one should not allow toxins, called AMA to accumulate and spread in the body.  Therefore, Ayurvedic daily routines are strongly recommended […]

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Wintertime Specials

Wintertime is the time of year when we tend to slow down.  The bear spirit is strong during this time.  The cold, dark days mark the time to sleep more, store reserves, slow down, and emotionally, people tend to go inward, into a lot of self-reflection.  Hibernation.  It is hard for us as a culture […]

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Springtime Panchakarma: The Art of Ayurvedic Detoxification

Springtime, in Ayurveda, is considered one of the most important transitions of the year. This time is marked by damp, wet weather and the increasing return of the sun’s energy and heat. The long months of winter hardened many of the toxins in our bodies. Native people talk about how the spirit of […]

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